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Pumpkin Loyalty Club

Introducing the Pumpkin Loyalty Club, coming soon with incredible benefits! Stay tuned for more information and exciting updates. Follow us closely to be the first to know all the details. Don't miss out on the amazing perks that await you as a member of our exclusive loyalty club. Get ready to elevate your Pumpkin Theatre experience like never before!


  • 2 x Tickets to any Pumpkin show per month.

  • 50% discount on the next 8 tickets bought in same month. 

  • Pumpkin House wine gift on your Birthday month to club member. 

  • Pre-Sale notification to club members before tickets open to public.

  • Liable for any monthly specials at the Pumpkin Theatre.

  • 10% discount of all Pumpkin Bar(Smoking Area) purchases at the Theatre. 

 Loyalty club Value @ more than R 1500.00 per Month.

Loyalty Fee per month: R 300.00 per Month

Signup as Club Member

Pumpkin Theatre Loyalty Club Terms and Conditions:

  1. Membership Fee: By enrolling in the Pumpkin Theatre Loyalty Club, you agree to pay a monthly membership fee of R300. An invoice will be provided for each payment.

  2. Payment Terms: Membership fee payment is due within 7 days from the date of the invoice. Benefits and privileges associated with the Pumpkin Theatre Loyalty Club will not be applicable unless the invoice is paid within the stipulated 7-day period.

  3. Cancellation Policy: If you wish to cancel your membership, a 30-day notice period is required. You must provide written notice of cancellation at least 30 days before your next billing cycle.

  4. Membership Benefits: As a member of the Pumpkin Theatre Loyalty Club, you will be entitled to a range of exclusive benefits, which may include priority booking, discounted tickets, access to special events, and other perks. These benefits will be communicated to you periodically through newsletters, emails, or other means.

  5. Non-transferable: The Pumpkin Theatre Loyalty Club membership is non-transferable. Benefits and privileges are solely for the use of the registered member and cannot be transferred or shared with others.

  6. Validity: The Pumpkin Theatre Loyalty Club membership is valid until canceled by either party or until the termination of the loyalty program by Pumpkin Theatre.

  7. Changes to Terms and Conditions: Pumpkin Theatre reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Club. Any changes will be communicated to members in advance.

  8. Termination: Pumpkin Theatre reserves the right to terminate a member's Loyalty Club account in the event of non-payment, fraudulent activity, misuse of benefits, or violation of the terms and conditions.

By participating in the Pumpkin Theatre Loyalty Club, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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